Episode 14

Well another cracking episode that kept me on the edge of my seat. A lot of surprising things happening too (well I think, anyway). Firsty, has ole T-Bag turned over a new leaf? What will happen next with Gretchen and Self? Will Linc have to do any other sinister things to help Michael? Who was that that put their hand over Michael's when he was being examined? What will Michael say or do, if and when he realises where he is? And this question is just a generally wondering... does anyone else think the General is hiding something major, I don't know he seems way too interested in Scofield ... what do you guys think he's hiding or up to? I tell you one thing though, I'll be going bananas when this takes a mid-season break, first Supernatural and Smallville, what will I do? I HATE the way this happens every year! Grrr... Oh and about the episode itself... was brilliant as always (I have always been a massive fan of PB) loved how Sucre kicked Gretchen's ass and Linc punching Self (he so deserved that).... but I have to say a hell of a cliff hanger, poor poor Michael (Wentworth doing a superb job as always) I was nearly in tears as he was hauled into the van and him lying in the bed at the end (those pesky writers better not kill him, that's all I'm saying)! Oh and it was nice to see Mahone again too, it's always nice to see William F again, he's a great actor.


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May 11, 2016 2:42PM EDT

i read on some spoiler tv thing that micheal was gonna lose his memory and start working for the company, i wouldn't put it past d general.

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