'Sherlock': Holmes' wedding speech in 'The Sign of Three'

Almost all of the "Sherlock" episode, "The Sign of Three" takes place during the wedding reception of John Watson and Mary Morstan. All of the action, in fact, becomes part of Sherlock Holmes' rather extraordinary wedding speech.By the time Sherlock finally lets the crowd drink a toast, the detective has recounted two prior mysteries and deduced a new murder is coming. A few minutes later and those crimes are all connected.Oh, and then Sherlock figures out that John and Mary are about to become parents. Holmes really does know how to make good use of his time at a wedding, doesn't he?The elephant in the room, but not 'The Elephant in the Room'First, let's get this out of the way: Dr. John Watson does indeed get married in "The Sign of Three." The ceremony ends before most of the episode even begins, with all of the action proceeding at the reception and in flashbacks.John...



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