Two episodes in and it’s now clear that the show is more interested in exploring the life of the world’s greatest detective – his personal relationships and his struggle to maintain them – than seeing him apply his trade.

This week’s episode, The Sign of Three, was a particularly extreme example of this, with Sherlock on Best Man duties at Watson’s wedding. At times, it was veering into rom-com territory. And despite not being particularly to my taste or expectations for the show, it was done with a deft touch. Sherlock’s speech was, as always, an opportunity for Benedict Cumberbatch to showcase his immense talents and hold court for nearly a full ninety minutes. Watson, and indeed most of the other cast, played second fiddle to Holmes. And what a speech it was. Everybody expected Sherlock to balls it up, and in truth, he did… for quite some time, before totally redeeming himself with a very touching, if verbose expression of love for his friend.



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