Executive produced by Modern Family's Sofia Vergara (because that's a selling point to… someone?), Killer Women is nominally based on a somewhat salacious Argentinian series about wronged women taking the law into their own hands. A series that, if adapted straight-up, would be better suited on Investigation Discovery alongside Beauty Queen Murders, Fatal Vows, Stalked: Someone's Watching, and, of course, Deadly Women. AKA, the shows my mother-in-law clutters up my DVR with.



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Jan 29, 2014 7:53PM EST

I can't believe ABC has already killed this show - another victim of the instant gratification culture we live in. The show really never had the time to develop, but I thought the first episode was a great start and there was a lot of potential here and I was really happy to see Tricia Helfer in another lead role. I hope she gets another chance soon with a show that gets a fairer shake from the network execs. This show had a great flair for style, and did a wonderful job of creating a setting that was consistent.

One other thing I really liked was the song they used in the opening scene,
it really set a great mood for a new Texas Ranger show, so I looked it up right away and found out it was called "Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise ‘Em High” by The Wind and The Wave - that would've made a great theme song for the show come to think of it

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