The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Two Months Too Long


This week, Porsha purchased a house she probably can’t afford, NeNe and Phaedra yelled platitudes at some children, and Cynthia’s sister gave her the world’s worst surprise this side of herpes. Happy New Year!


Kenya put on shoes made out of curtain tassels to meet with Lawrence and further prove that her only valuable contribution to the show is to explain what is happening with every other cast member. Kenya is basically a walking voiceover. She pronounced Savannah Sah-vah-naaaah, talked smack about literally every other cast member, and revealed that she sleeps on a silk pillowcase like she was royalty and not, in fact, like all the rest of us black women going down to Sally’s Beauty Supply so our shit will stay tight for a few more days. She also said Preach! a lot when Lawrence was helping her talk smack about Phaedra. That’s it. That’s what she gets paid for now. Consider every mention of Kenya from here on out my official request to get Lisa Businesswoman Wu back on the show. I’ll even take back the dumb one who talked about jewelry and gave all her money to God!  Read More...


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