I Have a Date

By judging the title of the episode one would be led to think that this episode would be happy and romantic for once. Think again! (Unless being a no-show on a date on V-Day is romantic?!)



Lets have a rundown of major plots

1.) Chole and Angel get reassigned to the ER from ICU where Chole gets a major confidence boost by removing a bowling pin out of someone's private area lol. This reminds me alot of the guy who swallowed Judy dolls in Grey's Anatomy (anyone remember that?). Then they get put behind glass window doing some minor tasks such as asking people what they are in they are in the ER, collecting urine samples and such. Funny part was when a guy gives a urine sample to Chole to only realize that it was for a toxicology screen and he was probably doing drugs so he DRINKS it!! Later on there's a guy whos beating up another helpless guy and Chole takes it on herself to stop them as security would take 5 minutes which she believes the guy getting beat up doesnt have. Chole's attempts to resolve the fight are unsuccessful and security comes but does not conquer the bad guy (sorry for the reference to the latin phrase vini vidi vici or i came, i saw, i conquered, i know i am a nerd lol). Meanwhile one of the security guards gets really hurt and he ends up in surgery. He bleeds profusely but Chole was able to get it under control. Later on she gets drunk, makes out with this guy at Lucky 7 bar all thanks to her new found confidence.

2.) Sonia, in this episode, starts off with her boyfriend dropping her off where they have a brief conversation of their V day plans. Sonia wants something extravagant whereas Nick doesnt mind something small and at their place. Basically the whole episode Sonia is whining and complaining that her whole life will be about living it small with no excitement. This pretty much sets up the whole episode for what she does at the end (more on that later). Kelly Bishop's character isnt doing so great so they want to insert a feeding tube which upsets her about her getting old. Sonia insists her that she will be with her every step of the way. In the meantime, Paul gives Sonia a book with pictures of Paris in it to which Sonia seems delightfully surprised. Later on after her shift she gets all dressed up for her date and to her disappointment Nick is late and they have missed their reservations. Sonia tells him to go home and dont wait up for him. She goes to visit Paul who was in the hospital asking him why he gave her that book to which he responds " there is a whole world out there that you deserve to see" and "it is weird to be hitting on you with everything going on" and then they kiss. I found this too be really sad because I actually like Nick and think he is a sweet guy.

3.) Veronica accidentally breaks up with Jillian for Dr Sands when she comes in the elevator crying to find out that her Nana had died. *awkwardd* lol. Dr Sands and Veronica decide to go on a real date. She goes home to find the dress she need for said date only to find out its at the drycleaners. After getting the dress she decides to change in the bathroom of a local diner just as she is finishes she hears a gunshot. She runs out of the bathroom to find the cashier on the ground with a gun shot wound which she carefully wraps without having the bad guy finding out. She goes back in the bathroom to get her phone as it starts ringing (Dr Sands is calling to see where she is). The bad guy figures out there is someone in the bathroom and uses Veronica to find the combination of the safe. After finding the combination she asks if she can go tend to the cashier who at this point has a very slow pulse or is probably dead. The bad guy is in disbelief and then Veronica see a gun sticking to under the counter which she grabs and shoots the guy. She walks out of the diner holding the said gun.

Minor Plots and ideas of further development

1.) Briggs has small talk with Jillian who is moping at the bar and tells her that she deserves better than Dr Sands. *Possible love connection here*!

2) Briggs overrides Dr Sands authority by giving a patient of Dr Sands another medical option to surgery which may/maynot be as safe or effective as surgery. I think tensions would grow from here between Sands and Briggs.

3.) Does Veronica get caught in the diner shooting mess? What happens to her and Sands' relationship?

4.) I would like to see a love interest for Mike, feel so sorry for him :(

5.) How long before nick finds out about Sonia's infidelity? do they break up or mend it?

Although this episode was not happy and romantic as I hoped nonetheless an exciting episode with alot of potential for further development.Share your thoughts!


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