Elementary Season 2 Review “All in the Family”

On the latest episode of “Elementary,” it was all about keeping it “All in the Family,” and I don’t mean that old sitcom. Nope, this was the “Goodfellas” type of family, down to the presence of a vet of that classic Mob movie, Paul Sorvino, who’s been down this road enough that he’s probably an honorary member of “The Family.” Ditto Vincent Curatola, who played Johnny “Sack” on “The Sopranos.”

Of course, if you believe the hype, there really is no Mob anymore, but that wasn’t the only Family in question here. The show also explored the various other types of families out there, and what can happen when anyone is disloyal. There was also the police department, Holmes’ mini-family of himself, Watson and a few select others at the precinct; plus, Bell’s new home at Demographics, which proved to have a Mob connection as well. Then there was Big Brother, aka The NSA, which helped Holmes and Watson get to the bottom of what appeared to be a Mob-related crime at first, but was actually more Mob-adjacent.




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