'Ravenswood' - 'Revival': Reverend Gabriel Abadon is the origin of the curse

"Ravenswood" returned Tuesday (Jan. 7) and wasted no time in letting us in on the origin of the pact. We're dying to know who was riding in the coach, on the receiving end of the reverend's pact and dagger.The CurseThere's a flashback to original Caleb and Miranda out for a moonlit picnic, where they end up spying on a meeting of the Ravenswood town elders, who are making the pact where the curse originated. The source of said pact is a creepy reverend by the name of Gabriel Abadon. Original Caleb's dad, Thomas Rivers, signs the pact, whereas original Miranda's mom, Esther Collins, will not. Esther makes an impassioned speech about how they are sacrificing the town's children in favor of the soldiers, but no one listens to her and she rides off in her carriage.The five present-day Ravenswood kids have been reading all of this in Esther's journal, which was in the box of...



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