'Intelligence' series premiere: Josh Holloway stripped of his charisma

Welcome to another installment of "5 Questions and 500 Words," the Boob Tube Dude's approach to reviewing the crazy amount of shows that will be unspooling/returning over the course of the next few weeks. Given the glut of shows, and the glut of reviews that will be published for these shows, I'm keeping things short and sweet. "Intelligence" premieres at 9:00 pm ET Tuedsay (Jan. 7) on CBS (regular slot: Mondays at 10 p.m. starting Jan. 13)Are networks ever going to stop make shows with titles that can be easily turned against the program when it stinks?Apparently not. So the fact that there's a show called "Intelligence" that exhibits no actual intelligence should not surprise anyone at this point.Why are you hating on Josh Holloway? You shipped Kate and Jack on "Lost," didn't you?First of all, Team Suliet all the way. Secondly, this isn't Holloway's fault: Who can blame him for taking the lead on...



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