Justified Season 5 Premiere Recap: 300 Big Ones

How confident a show is Justified? So confident that it starts its fifth season by dropping us into the middle of two legal wrangles inspired by events in season four, without a syllable of exposition. Are we moving too fast for you? it says. Run, then.  


Squirrelly nitwit Dewey Crowe is suing the United States government — well, Raylan mostly — for assorted flavors of police brutality, including making him think he'd had a kidney removed and battering him on "not less than a dozen" occasions. (Raylan's protestation — "You might wanna note for the record he thought he had four kidneys" — is a classic example of Elmore Leonard funny asshole-ism.) Dewey's objection to the revised settlement offer — he thinks he's getting $300 when it's really $300,000 — reminds me of The Jerk's Navin Johnson proudly announcing that he's about to deposit a check for 250 big ones. Love the slo-mo of Dewey sinking into his chair as he realizes his life just changed. As my granddad used to say, if that boy had an idea it'd be represented by a birthday candle.  Read More...



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