'Person of Interest' Season 3: Samaritan is stolen in 'Aletheia' - Recap

The enemies are swooping in on "Person of Interest" now that HR has been defeated. Control, Vigilance and the organization Greer is a part of are all honing in on Samaritan, the sister program to the Machine that was revealed in the CBS drama's fall finale. In episode 12, "Aletheia," Finch and Shaw have to work solo after Root is incapacitated and Reese is moping in his post-Carter death misery with Fusco. The team divided is a much weaker one, and together Finch and Shaw make one major error. Though they think they find Arthur Claypool's saved Samaritan drives (and then that Arthur destroys them), it's actually revealed by Root that they were stolen by an agent of Greer. That means that Greer's mysterious group is the one that got its hands on the faulty version of Samaritan. This could be the threat that the Machine has been warning Root about, but at least Root...



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