'Psych': James Roday knows you want to both hug and slap Shawn

Zap2it: Before "Psych: The Musical" had you ever done a musical?James Roday: I had never done a musical. I have so much respect for the medium and the muscles it takes to pull that off. I never felt compelled to take on that challenge. Predominantly you really have to learn how to take care of your voice to do eight shows a week.Zap2it: How has Shawn evolved over the years?James Roday: He has definitely moved slowly. I think he is taking baby steps, but if you add all the baby steps up, he has managed to go from man-child to man-adolescent. As he has gotten older there are things important to him. He does not want to lose a bit of a battle, to find the balance between a kid who does not want to grow up and a man who does not want to lose the things that matter most to him. That's why...



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