The New Scrubs: At episode 6, "Our New Girl-Bro"

Firstly, I just have to say, I hate the episode titles of Scrubs. They're almost always ridiculous, only vaguely related to the episode, and the My/Our thing stopped making sense a long time ago. This is a particulary bad one.

Anyway. Now I have that off my chest...

The first episode of Scrubs [Med School] without J.D. Did it work? For me, yes. Although I did think as I sat down to watch, "There'll be no J.D...." it didn't really occur to me again throughout the episode. I mean, obviously I couldn't forget that he wasn't there, since Turk was so depressed about it, but I never thought, "Damn, we need J.D."

This may partly be due to how annoyed I've got with J.D. during the previous few episodes. He's just seemed far too childish and desperate for approval - something he should have grown out of, and had grown out of (mostly) in the last seasons. But this season, it's all that J.D. has been about, all the mature side of him forgotten, as though they just couldn't be bothered. So I'm kind of glad to see that go.

A part of me wonders if this was the writers' cunning plan...

I was slightly underwhelmed by J.D.'s 'exit' in "Our Mysteries". For one, it's focus was very much on J.D.'s desire to be liked, and two, well, as he said himself, we've seen it all before. I suppose, actually, to have a reasonably low key exit was a good move, because it draws less attention to him not being there anymore. The group eagle was nice, though.

I'll also be glad to see Elliot go. She was always my least favourite, but I didn't dislike her. But I do now. She just annoyed me throughout "Our New Girl-Bro" and failed to interest or amuse...

Lucy carried the episode well. Definitely a worthy successor. However, much as her crazy, unfiltered outbursts do amuse, I hope they're toned down in episodes (seasons?) to come, as it could just get too weird...

We're seeing more of Cole now, and I have hope that he'll become a worthwhile character. He can only stay as the drives-you-insane one for so long, but it's now looking like there is life for him after that gets old.

I still like Drew and Denise's relationship, and I'm looking forward to more of it.

I'm glad that Turk and Denise's friendship is going to continue. I liked that trio in the first or second episode of J.D., Turk and Denise and I think pairing those two up is a good way of keeping the same antics that J.D. and Turk had, while still being quite different. Which, really, is what the new Scrubs is all about.

So, all in all, I'm still enjoying Scrubs [Med School]. My judgement would have to be that it's not at (and will never reach) the heights of the original Scrubs, but it's better than the later seasons, and it's still funny and well worth watching. It's proving capable of surviving in its new form.


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