Misfits = Genius

I just love this show. It's excellent. Just excellent. And desperately needed.

Comparison to Heroes is inevitable. Misfits far surpasses it. I loved Heroes in it's first season, but now it's gone far downhill. And anyway, Misfits handles the power thing in a far better and much more enjoable and watchable way. There's so much sci-fi stuff now - Heroes, Lost, Fringe, FlashForward, and more, I'm sure - and it's all big, confusing, American stuff. It's lovely to have Misfits contrasting to all that. It's not sci-fi driven, that's just an added, underlying bit of the story.

The characters of Misfits are people I would hate in real life. Especially Nathan. They would annoy me far too much. But as it is, he's my favourite and I love them all. I like how there's no feeling that these people should be trying to 'better themselves' or whatever and whilst they'll always go around doing the unlikeable things, it's still so easy for everybody to sympathise with them.

I watched the series in a very short space of time after it had aired, introduced to it, strangely, by my mum. I wish I hadn't watched it now, because the wait for the second season is going to be unbearable!

Highlights of the season for me were the baby "be my dad" bit, Nathan's attempt to escape the bowling alley people, and... oh, just so many bits. It's hilarious, unable to be reconstructed in a review!

I want (as I'm sure everyone does) to know who the bike guy is... And, if anyone didn't notice, Simon had some footage of him, when he was showing Sally some stuff in his room. Is he someone from one of their pasts? Since he seems to hang about by the community centre. Presumably he has a power, so is looking out for them? I don't know... there's so little to go on!

I'd like to praise my mum here and say that she figured out Nathan was immortal in the Curtis episode, deciding that that was how he had survived Tony's attack. Also, whilst I'm thinking of that scene, I loved how different Nathan was in that scene by the memorial places with Curtis; no jokes, so toned down.

Excellent eye-acting from Robert Sheehan in the final scene...

Conclusion: Excellent series, a masterpiece, tops all those huge-budget-big-fuss shows. Desperate for more!


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Apr 17, 2010 11:51PM EDT

all i can say is that it was a refreshingly exciting change from all the shows that are on air:)kudos to the writers and the actors<I cannot wait for the next season>

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