One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 20 "I Would For You" Review and Recap

Although we are shocked by Peytons accident and terrified of what this means for her pregnancy, (She however was more concerned about the car, lol) we found out that complications before the accident are the real problem and the accident itself hasn't had any affect on the pregnancy. Peytons condition is called placenta privia and this means she runs the risk of hemoraging during child birth. The future is looking very grim thus far as Lucas points out that if everything doesn't go perfectly during labor Peyton and the baby could die.

Jamie to every ones amazement scored really high on his standardized tests. The Oppenheimer school for the gifted are interested in him because of it. Haley had longed to go to that school and is definitely thrilled that Jamie has the opportunity to go there. Nathan on the other hand is hesitant because the school doesn't offer any sports programs. This of course causes some conflict between Nathan and Haley. In the end and after much debate Jamie decides to stay at his current school. We think this was totally a good choice.

So Brooke wakes up to find "Bitchtoria" in her house asking her to save clothes over bros by coming back to work. Brooke didn't like the idea at first but Brooke agreed on the terms that she get 51% ownership of the company. Victoria undoubtedly agreed but we are worried about Victoria getting close to Sam. Sam is morose about about Jake leaving even though she also is very happy that he finally found a foster family.

Mouth runs down to New York to make up with Millie. They agree to try and make a long distance relationship work. We think that if any couple were to make this seemingly impossible task work, it would be these two.

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Apr 25, 2009 12:03PM EDT

The most pathetic thing about this episode was finding that all Peyton has is Placenta Previa. Lots of women with placenta previa give birth without any problem. If the placenta really is that low that Peyton would hemorrhage, the docs would do a C-Section, no problem.AND placenta previa is painless, so all those times Peyton fell the floor are now ridiculous.*rolls eyes*This is why non-medical shows should avoid medical complications. (I mean, the EMT running through the hospital with Dan's heart in such a flimsy styrofoam container was bad enough...)

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