Enlisted: TV Review

From M*A*S*H to Stripes, there's a history of making comedy out of military service in various capacities, though pulling it off is a lot harder than those successes might indicate -- there have been plenty of failures. But just as it managed to find comedy gold in another very difficult genre -- funny cops (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) -- so too has the network found a real gem in Enlisted.  Read More...


Created by Kevin Biegel (Scrubs, Cougar Town), Enlisted comes out of the gates almost fully formed (I say almost because there's a very surprising amount of sweetness that grows slowly through the first three episodes and delivers triumphantly in the fourth). And yet, this is a comedy first and foremost so the jokes, particularly in the pilot, fly around with alacrity. As the sweetness begins to be more pronounced, it thankfully doesn't detract from the laughs -- it just makes Enlisted seem better than you're probably expecting.





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