'Parks and Recreation' 100th episode recap: What's next for Leslie Knope?

What do we do when our dream fails us? When we reach a height we'd longed for and it's taken from us? That's the question facing Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) in "Second Chunce," the 100th episode of "Parks and Recreation."It's her final day in office as Pawnee city council member, after the town she's dedicated her life to rose up, made a big raspberry sound and voted her out of office. So Leslie spends the day trying to decide what she'll do next. In her worry over not having a plan, she latches onto a disgraced councilman and decides she'll ready a new campaign and run against him.Nearly everyone in her life speaks for the audience at home hoping the show doesn't so quickly retrace its steps, telling Leslie this is a terrible idea -- well, everyone, that is, except Jerry, because he's Jerry -- but she won't hear it. For Leslie, the prospect of...



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