‘The Legend Of Hercules’ Review: Kellan Lutz’s Beefcake Saga is One Messy Myth

It’s hard to tell from where Renny Harlin and his collaborators stole the most shamelessly for “The Legend Of Hercules” – “Gladiator,” “300” or “Spartacus.”

Regardless, the film answers the defiant question “Are you not entertained?” (asked by Maximus in “Gladiator”) with a resounding “Not especially.”

The once-mighty Harlin, hovering in C-grade limbo after a lackluster horror sequel (“Exorcist: The Beginning”), a steroid-pumped “Die Hard” knockoff (“12 Rounds”) and a would-be prestige picture (“5 Days of War”), yields fully to the motion-cranked, bleach-bypassed aesthetic of the last decade-plus of sword and sandal films, offering an addition to the genre that opts for familiarity over originality, and momentum over meaning.  Read More...



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