Parenthood Season 5 “Stay a Little Longer” Review

I knew last night’s episode of Parenthood was going to be rough when I was already feeling teary before the opening credits. The scene with Amber and Ryan was hard to watch. I understand Ryan has issues, but I don’t feel good at all about him reenlisting. He’s just so fragile and I want him to be okay.

Along with Ryan, I also find it difficult to watch Max go through a hard time. My heart was already broken for him before even knowing what had happened with Max and his now former best friend. Like Ryan, I just want Max to be okay.

As painful as it is to watch things fall apart between Amber and Ryan, I love how the writers have incorporated Zeek into the story. After all, we met Ryan through Zeek, as they bonded over their shared history of military service. Although he clearly likes Ryan and understands his struggle, he is still Amber’s grandfather and was such a great support for her. Amber may be upset now, but I don’t see her falling into the same trappings as her mother anytime soon. Her evolution has been great to watch over five seasons.



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