Dracula Season 1 Review “Come to Die”

Well, things are certainly coming to a head on “Dracula,” and on “Come to Die,” we finally got some solid action through and through, including some unexpected twists that were overall pretty satisfying. Dracula could barely contain himself through the episode, and when he finally went, he went big, despite Renfield’s best efforts.

Though, that said, afterwards he wisely let the big fish go to someone else, and therein lied the surprise. Playing him like a fiddle, Dracula positioned Harker against Davenport, and he took the bait, ultimately killing him. Of course, Dracula wasn’t wrong to, as Davenport was indeed responsible for the attack against Mina.

As if that weren’t enough, Harker also went rogue on Mina and hooked up with Lucy, who professed her “love” to him, as per Lady Jayne’s instructions, and he fell for it. Well, to be fair, what he fell for was more akin to lust, but who can blame him there?




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