Firefly Isn't Great. It's Absolutely Fantastic.

Over the years I've watched a lot of TV, enjoying a wide range of genres. Comedy, sci-fi, drama, etc. Many have come and gone, I've missed them, but I know there will be shows next season to take their place, some better, some worse. The Television Circle of Life.

But there was one series that was different. Firefly.

Firefly, from the mind of the great Joss Whedon, came into my life and I knew this one was special. It had everything. Plausible sci-fi, a believable universe, drama, a dash of western, corrupt government, witty dialogue, phenomenal characters and character development, and a wonderful plot following a space crew as they just try to get by. I usually get a little attached to characters when I watch a show; these follks became my second family.

I actually laughed out loud, I was scared, I got that warm fuzzy feeling, and I cried. The only TV series to ever make me shed a single tear were Futurama and Firefly. It's that powerful. You just get sucked in.

After Fox screwed it over, it ended without finishing the season. But this one wouldn't die. The rabid fanbase fought and eventually got a movie. How many "failed" shows get a movie years later? That's really saying something about the quality of the show that the network execs missed. At this point I own the box set, Serenity (the movie), and Serenity: Collectors Edition. I've seen the series through at least 8 times, particular episodes upwards of 15 times. It's as good each time as the first.

So, to summarize:





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