Atlantis (BBC America) Review “The Furies”

As the least showy character on Atlantis, Pythagoras has largely played a supporting role in season one. He helps his friends, he is often the voice of reason, but he had no story of us own until “The Furies.” I would say that was a shame if the wait hadn’t paid off in such a richly drawn character piece. By delving into Pythagoras’ past, his behavior makes far more sense. His willingness to assist others, his general kindness and cold rationality all come from a place of experience. He knows the cost of helping others, but it is so engrained in his nature that he would never turn his back on someone in need, not Jason or Hercules, and certainly not his own mother.

“The Furies” has a western flavor to it as the trio set out with a crew to travel across the desert to deliver a prince and his future bride’s dowry to Helios. Pythagoras’ here-to-fore unmentioned younger brother and expert gambler, Arcas comes along for the journey. His presence prompts the logical Pythagoras to pay a visit to The Oracle for guidance before they set out for their journey, foreshadowing the difficult choice Pythagoras will have to make later on. She informs him that he carries a darkness in his heart, which could have easily felt random if not for the measured way Robert Emms’ has played Pythagoras from the start. There was always a hint of pain in the way the character offered up advice, particularly to the almost recklessly selfless Jason.



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