Sherlock Series 3 Review “His Last Vow”

After two years of patient waiting and wondering, has this third series of Sherlock been worth it? While some have had criticisms regarding it’s self-referential indulgences and apparent glee fan-baiting that largely excludes a wider audience, but what ‘His Last Vow’ shows us more than anything is thatSherlock is being made primarily to entertain us, and not to impress or enlighten us as has been the tendency to think. We don’t know all of the answers (and there are some we probably didn’t want to know) but didn’t we have fun anyway?

In the end, it doesn’t matter if it all makes sense – as Anderson realised in the premiere – and Moffat and Gatiss are out to create nothing more than top-notch telly that provides rare watercooler moments in an age of viewer disparity. That’s the beauty of Sherlock – it makes a fan of the casual viewer, so familiar is the character and the adventures he embarks on. Each section of the audience, from Conan Doyle fans, to the Tumblr crowd and your laidback Sunday night viewer can enjoy an episode of television on an almost equal level, so tightly plotted, entertaining and occasionally touching it is.



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