The Good Wife Season 5 Review “We, the Juries”

And the squawking from The Good Wife hen house rages on.

I’ve stated many times my distaste for the ongoing battle between Alicia and Will. It diminishes both characters, often makes them seem like petty children, and has too often distracted from elements of a typical episode of The Good Wife that work so well. While it is probably unnecessary to have a central rooting interest in a morally duplicitous show like The Good Wife, the characters still have to be likable. Though Will and Alicia have been trying to trip each other up for awhile now, many of the people around the fray have managed to stay above it. Unfortunately, the ex-lovers petulant squabbling continues to add more and more victims. Not even the Governor of Illinois is immune from one man’s outsized anger and one woman’s stunted frustration. The characters still have their moments (Julianna Margulies in the Governor’s office was particularly fantastic), but those are coming fewer and far between these days.



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