House of Lies Season 3 Premiere Review “Wreckage”

The third season of House of Lies begins with this week’s “Wreckage”, in which our favorite former Galweather Stearn management consulting pod find themselves navigating through what remains after their team’s break up in season two’s explosive finale.

In the time since, Marty has successfully launched his own consulting firm, Kaan and Associates. Jeannie has remained at Galweather Stearn as head of her own pod, which includes Doug. Meanwhile, Clyde has moved to Kinsley-Johnson to work for Monica. All of them are moving forward with their lives, and all of them are miserable doing so.

Marty sums it up perfectly while he brings us all up to speed during his time out while in China to gain the business of an organic foods CEO (Daniel Stern) who looks suspiciously like Tom Baker from an old Doctor Who episode. “Now is the winter of our discontent…” he says, quoting Shakespeare. For Marty that discontent is symbolized in the dream that opens the episode in which he has everything he wants: Jeannie’s devotion and admiration (I don’t believe he truly loves her) as well as the support of his most trusted colleagues.



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