Helix Season 1 Review “274?

Things went from bad to worse on this week’s Helix. As the virus spread and characters were forced to make even more difficult decisions, new and alarming revelations about the research Hatake and his crew at the Arctic Biosystems base have been conducting came to light.

Billy Campbell anchored the episode with a captivating performance as Alan Farragut, a character who continues to display admirable traits under hellish conditions. Campbell plays his conviction and reverence for life passionately, making you sympathize with his character as he gives voice to his remorse over putting down the vector version of Dr. Sulemani and the loss of life that’s just beginning. Though you knew he was going to have to make that choice after his conversation with Aerov earlier in the episode (not a lot of subtlety there), seeing Farragut’s reaction gave us a interesting glimpse into a character we’re just beginning to know.




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