Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Review “The Vessel”

Welcome back, Sleepy Hollow! Oh, how I’ve missed you. After what seemed like FOREVER, Sleepy Hollow returned in all its demon possessed glory, and I loved every minute of it. That ridiculously long break doesn’t seem to have taken away any of the show’s momentum, and I am glad about that.

This episode picked up with Captain Irving trying to make sense of what happened while he was in the park with his daughter. He had the guy who was (unbeknownst to Irving) possessed taking a polygraph, but the poor guy had no idea what Irving was talking about. The demon got into one of the police officers and told Irving that if he didn’t deliver Washington’s Bible, then Hell was going to kill his daughter. Irving took his (ex)wife and daughter to a safehouse and called the priest. The demon was already in Det. Morales though, and it was able to get into the house and possess Maisy. There was (thankfully) no split pea soup being spewed everywhere, but the demon did jack up Maisy’s face pretty good. It demanded that Irving deliver the Bible, and Irving was about to do it but it was Team Crane to the rescue. Ichabod and Co. discovered a lantern that some nuns used back in the day to exorcise the demon and send it back to Hell. They obtained the lantern and sent that demon packing.



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