Almost Human Season 1 Review “You Are Here”

Almost Human returned tonight with “You Are Here”, as a programmer and gamer is mysteriously killed by a rogue bullet, and we finally get a little more information on John’s girlfriend and The Syndicate!

The actual case of the week revolved around a successful programmer named Anton Cross being killed by a bullet that seemed to get at him from an almost impossible angle. At first Kennex thought he might have had some crazy, JFK assassination kind of magic bullet situation on his hands, but then they found out that the bullet was actually following him! They then find out that the bullet can actually follow anyone, so Anton’s girlfriend Kiera Larson was next on the hit list.



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Jan 16, 2014 5:37AM EST

Great show well made, just waiting for fox to cancel this one too? Will see. Some bad one liners but if fox will let the show grow and get its stride it will be a really great show. The show has alot of potential.

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