Castle Season 6 Review “Deep Cover”

On the latest episode of “Castle,” our titular hero had another encounter with his dear old “Deep Cover” dad, Jackson Hunt (James Brolin), this one not as welcome as when he helped rescue daughter Alexis when she was kidnapped. Especially since he was the main suspect in a murder, was living under an assumed name, and insisted that Castle lie to Beckett and everyone else about his real identity. Not too cool, pops.

Fortunately, he was indeed innocent of the crime, though dad was plenty guilty of both playing his son and Beckett like a fiddle later on, then taking out the actual killer, a man known as Gemini. Hunt conveniently forgot to mention he’d been assigned to hit Gemini after he tried to get his hands on a list of all the major deep cover CIA operatives in play for the government, which the initial victim had intended to sell to the highest bidder, aka Gemini.



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