'Enlisted' review: The best comedy of this television season

There are a lot of ways to approach reviewing television shows, but the best ways are always the ones that come most easily to mind. In reality, criticism is about articulating a personal response while employing some modicum of detached perspective. The ratio between the two inevitably varies between show to show and critic to critic, which is why having a variety of opinion about a variety of programs is a feature, not a bug, of this particular industry. All of which is to say it's all fine and well forthe Boob Tube Dude to say that "Enlisted," premiering at 9:30 p.m. ET Friday (Jan. 10) on FOX, is the best comedy of the 2013-14 season, but it's far more important for me to say why I feel that's true. Simply stating something is the job of sycophants or haters. Explaining that statement is the important aspect.That's an awfully serious start to what seems like an awfully silly...



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