'Bones': Pelant and murder questions in 'The Ghost in the Killer'

"The Ghost in the Killer" represents a rarity in the "Bones" world -- an episode in which the investigations are left open. There may or may not be a new serial killer in play. Pelant might have just been taunting Brennan, or he may have been trying to "help" her. A suspect either committed suicide or was killed.Unlike most "Bones" episodes, none of these questions have answers. Thus it falls to viewers to guess what the answers might be to the following questions.1. Is there a Ghost Killer?According to Christopher Pelant's final mind game, there is an unknown serial killer out there. This person -- a woman -- has never been caught and leaves no definitive evidence in her wake. But "no definitive evidence" means that even Brennan can't just find connections between potential victims. What she does find are tentative clues that could easily mean something else.2. Is Brennan obsessed, or is she...



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