Spencer or Lauren?

So, I've been wondering to myself, what should Heidi do? I mean, when Lauren told Heidi's sister, she'd totally like to be friends with Heidi, if she wasn't together with Spencer anymore. I think it eventually leads to where Heidi needs to choose between them two.

When I think about it, Heidi actually was my favorite character in the show, until she started dating the Spencer, the asshole. She kind of had to choose between the two of them at the time, and made the mistake of choosing Spencer over LC. Since then, she has not really had friends. One time she tried to reach out to Audrina, her friend before LC and her 'broke up', but Audrina wisely choose Lauren over Heidi. Heidi left Spencer at one point, but got back together with him, when he finally got off the couch and did something.

So, in some ways I think I'm trying to say, that I don't think Spencer does anything for their relationship. He stars caring about it just when there's a possibility that it might be over. And to try to act like 'the good guy', when he's just the opposite. Everytime Heidi gets something good in her life, but Spencer, he just has a great urge to kick it out.

I totally think, if it would come to where Heidi chooses between Lauren and Spencer, she should without a doubt choose Lauren.


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Oct 20, 2008 2:18PM EDT

Exactly. If she stays with Spencer, she will live a friendless life also cut off from her family. Spencer is the most selfish manipulative person ever, stopping Heidi seeing her friends and forcing her to choose between him and her sister (she chose wrong there too). How can she still think he is worth her time after that? Asshole!

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