powers returned ( theories )

so after watching today's episode unless theory is wrong i deduced that mohinder will no doubt have the same abilities he has before he became a mutant - no side effects because of the antidote and peter got his powers back or at least his em path ability, because i assume him taking the syrum didn't give him the ability to fly but rather yet the ability he had to mimic others ability, but i suppose this time he copied nathans powers quick i almost thought for a sec it was as if he had all his abilities.....

a few things still puzzle me... 1 i assume sylar isnt dead because assuming clare mother burned down that building she more than likely melted the glass which was lodged in sylar head which meant he should be ok once that piece is removed.

#2 ando got the most useless power of all and assuming hiro destroyed the piece of paper how does he get his power back and the man nathan was speaking to in the car was the president?>? i assume. also i wont lie this season was ok but i think in a way it was bs.... i mean the whole season was based solely sort of on this paper and the syrum and at the end nathan and peter father died like a bitch and the syrum was destroyed so easily unless someone travels back in time to check it out.

#3 when angela said she loved him like a son or was his mother cylar noticed she wasn't lieing and also if shes his mother what does she mean real parent unless i didn't get what she meant at the end because of whats his name is not the father was she sleeping around lol.

last but not least im not sure why nathan classified everyone as fugitives and iono what hes trying to accomplish or recreate the syrum but heroes with what we have noticed always seems to follow a path, i mean for one it shows the future what could happen if allowed then at the end everything becomes normal, to a certain degree this is expected but for once things she take an uncertain twist and make shit interesting..... every episode its we have to save the world bs non stop and at the end its almost effortless with the way she ends that u ask yourself that did they need to make w/e amount of episodes to derive at this conclusion.

i assume after all this peter will have to regain all the powers he lost and somehow hiro will get his back.... iono the fuckers better not make the next heroes volume the same shit with we NEED TO SAVE THE WORLD, IVE SEEN THE FUTURE AND IT LOOKS BAD, because as much as that was fun... after 3 season it gets old and fast!!!!!!


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