MIKE & MOLLY ''Pilot'' Review

If they could only cut out the fat. MIKE & MOLLY, a new situation multi-camera sitcom from CBS, has a lot more to it than the pilot will have you believe. While the show might appear to be your typical comedy, with the on-the-beat fat and sex jokes and wacky side characters, but deep down there is something good here. And if worked on, it could be something really different a typical comedy with a heart.

The show stars Billy Gardell as Mike, a Chicago police officer, and Melissa McCarthy as Molly, an elementary school teacher, who are both struggling with their weight. For Molly, it's her svelte, inconsiderate mother, played by the always fabulous Swoozie Kurtz, and her stoned sister (Katy Mixon), who don't understand her problems. So inconsiderate the two are that they devour a delicious chocolate cake while Molly tries to burn at least twelve calories on an elliptical. As I said, the jokes are obvious, but the pain of thoughtless family members is all to real for so many of us trying to make life changes. On the other hand, Mike's partner (Reno Wilson) jabs at him whenever given the chance about his weight and lack of women in his life. Since neither Mike or Molly is getting much support from friends and family they head out on a Friday night to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting and take a liking to each other.

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