'Hart of Dixie' recap: Zoe's level of denial about her feelings for Wade reaches epic proportions

We knew that with the introduction of Wade and Vivian's relationship, "Zade" would hit a major roadblock for a while on "Hart of Dixie." But oh my god, I have never wanted to reach through my TV and strangle a character more than I did watching Monday (Jan. 13) night's midseason premiere, "Something to Talk About," when Zoe's level of denial about her feelings for Wade reached epic proportions.We all know how she feels about her ex: she's still in love with Wade. Wade knows it. Annabeth now knows it. Joel finally got an inkling of it. Vivian even touched on it when she was talking to Zoe. And yet ... Zoe continues to deny having any kind of feelings for Wade. At all. And that's just dumb.So how did we even get to this point? Zoe sees that there's something brewing between Vivian and Wade, and she tries to nip it in the...



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