'The Blacklist': Who is Newton Phillips?

Raymond Reddington is no longer working with Lizzie and the FBI on "The Blacklist" (at least for right now) but that doesn't mean he's not still around. Red's KidnappingReddington is bent on figuring out who was behind his kidnapping and torture in the fall finale. He first takes out everyone remotely connected to it, then in order to find the big fish behind the incident, he does what one should always do in situations like these -- he follows the money.Aram, the nice programmer we met last fall, appears to be the FBI mole at first, but it's a frame-up. Red actually discovers that the person behind the kidnapping is Newton Phillips (Charles Baker). You won't remember Newton Phillips by that name. He's been referred to as "Grey" and seen acting as a sort of butler-like person to Red. Most notably, Grey was the man who interviewed Liz's husband Tom for that fake teaching position....



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