'Beauty and the Beast': Is love dead in 'Don't Die on Me'?

The first "Beauty and the Beast" episode of 2014, "Don't Die on Me," ended with all important characters alive and (sort of healthy). But what about love? Did everything between Vincent and Catherine die in a single episode?Was it all for nothing?At one point in "Don't Die on Me," Cat asks Vincent if all of their struggles over two years would be for nothing. She doesn't get much of an answer directly, but Vincent definitely takes the path of leaving it all behind. Granted, Vincent has a pretty good reason to be irritated with Catherine these days. She did, after all, shoot him. With Tori whispering in his ear that this was very wrong, and even JT taking the shooting-bad side of things, why would Vincent feel any differently about the whole thing?This is not, however, a valid reason to choose Tori over Cat when it comes to saving the day. I mean, really?...



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