'The Bachelor': Victoria's drunken shenanigans cause a stir

Time to get started with the real "Bachelor" episodes, fans. Two one-on-one dates and a group date. The pre-show ad promises, "Hot clubs, hot rubs and one. hot. mess." Just the way we like it. Get your favorite wine ready and here we go. Clare's DateMolly (the dog) takes a dip in the pool, as Clare gets ready for her date. She says this could be the first date with her future husband and while that is technically true, let's not get ahead of ourselves, chicky.Juan Pablo drives up, blindfolds Clare and whisks her off in his car, which is a lot cuter and less creepy than it sounds. The show keeps up the charade that the "Bachelor" is the one who actually plans these dates, as JP talks about putting together the winter wonderland where the date is taking place -- in the middle of Los Angeles in approximately September, mind you.They sled and...



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