Lost Girl Season 4 Review “In Memoriam”

I binge watched the first three seasons of Lost Girl last summer, so I haven’t had to wait quite as long as others for the premiere of season 4. Nevertheless, as soon as Bo disappeared into the card with the Wanderer, I was dying to find out where she’d gone. Unfortunately, in this week’s premiere episode nobody seemed interested in finding Bo – because nobody remembered that she existed.

With Bo and their memories gone, time has moved on for Kenzi, Hale, Trick, and Dyson. In Bo’s absence, Kenzi has teamed up with Dyson and Hale to solve cases, and she’s picked up a nasty Fae drug habit. Kenzi has always felt like an outsider as the only one without magical powers, so it is understandable that she’d become addicted to any ability that let her fit in. A new case falls in their laps, courtesy of Bo’s mother, Aife, and plants the seed in everyone’s mind that things aren’t right.




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