Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Review “Love ShAck, Baby”

On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” it was a hot time in the “Love ShAck, Baby” for our girls, to be sure, and not the good kind. (Love that title, BTW- the B-52’s rule!) As the girls plotted out Ali’s journal, conveniently color-coding which entries related directly to them, “A” plotted to get it back, or at least Ezra did, depending on where you fall on the Ezra is definitely “A” spectrum. Actually, if there are more people concerned, it could have just as easily been a member of the “A” team, or Ali out to get the journal.

Note that, while they clearly showed that Ezra was aware the girls were up to something, and went into Hanna’s room to snoop, that very same incident might have put him out of the area of the cabin in time to terrorize the girls, though that’s obviously what they wanted us to think, between the shot of him at a gas station and the conspicuous apple on the desk at the end. Still, why not show him clearly in possession of the journal, if he’s “A”? Because maybe it wasn’t him, that’s why. Maybe another player in the game has the journal, possibly Ali herself.



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