Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Review “Seeds”

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returned tonight with one of the busiest and best episodes yet in “Seeds”. Half the team makes their way to the SHIELD academy, while the other half investigates the agent that dropped off baby Skye all those years ago, and another villain from the Marvel Universe makes his debut as well! That’s a lot of stuff to jam into 42 minutes!

The new villain is actually introduced in the very first scene, as we meet young Donnie Gill played by Dylan Minnette. As a big fan of LOST and Awake, I was very glad to see the young Mr. Minnette again, and I was especially glad that he seems to be playing a character that will recur in future episodes. He had a great arc all in one episodes, as he goes from the outcast loner to a budding supervillain in just a few scenes. Minnette has always been great at playing the reserved teenager, as he did so well in Awake, and he was definitely playing to his strengths here.



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