Killer Women (ABC) Review “Some Men Need Killing”

After a genre-bending opener, “Some Men Need Killing” fell into the old “second episode must rehash the pilot” trap with another case that directly mirrored Molly’s history of abuse. While an interior designer/assassin of abusive husbands is an amazing job description (and not a terrible idea for aDexter style show– Showtime, are you listening?), the actual case felt too much like a retread of last week’s story points.

Once again, the killer woman in question came off as sympathetic. t least she did right up until she decided to attempt to frame Molly for the murder of Molly’s despicable senator husband. If the aim of the show is to bend gender roles and explore issues related to women, misogyny and power, then we need to see a killer who isn’t killing because they are forced or killing to free women from the restraints of brutal men. A murderer who is both a woman and a bad person isn’t a novel idea, and Molly doesn’t need to relate to each of her quarries.



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