Justified Season 5 Review “The Kids Aren’t All Right”

Raylan hit the jackpot in this week’s Justified. The Marshals seize a criminal’s mansion and high-end car, and Raylan enjoys the bounty. The rest of Harlan County’s residents aren’t making out so well. Ava is still in prison. Boyd’s crime empire is slipping through his fingers. And Dewey…good old Dewey has new houseguests – the Florida Crowes – which is the one thing that can cramp his status as a WT baller.

I think everyone can agree that right now, it sucks to be Boyd Crowder. He just can’t get a break. He faces an angry group of drug peddlers who are sick of having supply problems. Boyd assures them that the drugs are coming, only to later discover that his shipment was hijacked and his men killed. It’s unclear who has it out for Boyd. After the trouble he had with Detroit and Ava’s imprisonment, Boyd looks like he’s about to explode. That is something I would love to see. I don’t necessarily want to see Boyd beating another mortician or nobody – I want to see him open a well-planned, take no prisoners can of whoop-ass on his enemies. But, is Boyd actually smart enough to do that or is he really just a petty criminal.




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