CSI Season 14 Review “Keep Calm & Carry-On”

The latest episode of “CSI” was one of those Agatha Christie-style mysteries where everyone in the vicinity has a motive for murder, but it’s also hard to tell who did it by default. In the amusingly-titled “Keep Calm & Carry-On,” we had a whole host of colorful suspects to choose from, including some recognizable faces, like Jaleel “Urkel” White, Joel Grey, and Ethan Embry.

I’m not saying it was impossible to figure out who done it, as I did actually figure it out fairly early on, but there were definitely enough detours to keep you guessing throughout, and it was definitely in the Christie mold, a “Strangers on a Plane,” if you will. (Okay, that’s actually more Hitchcockian, but you get the idea.)




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