How I Met Your Mother Recap: Slappy Seconds

Isn’t it weird to think that when the slap bet was first conceived back in season two’s “Slap Bet,” it was probably only the second-best invention of the episode (the first being Robin Sparkles)? The series was unstoppable back then. Every plot, big or small, was that strong. It was funny when the bet went awry and unearned slaps were exchanged, and it continued to be funny throughout the course of several seasons, with Marshall owing Barney five slaps to be doled out at his whim.


There was “Stuff,” wherein Barney gets slapped after his excruciating one-man show, and the inaugural “Slapsgiving,” which gave us Marshall’s amazing piano ballad to mark the occasion. Less hilarious was “Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap,” the episode in which Marshall bequeathed a slap to the others only to end up once again doing the slapping himself, but maybe that was just because of Chris Elliott. In any case, season seven’s superb “Disaster Averted,” when Barney traded in the ducky tie for three additional slaps, got the gag back on track — and that’s the last we heard of this great running joke until now.  Read More...


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