'Pretty Little Liars' - 'Love ShAck, Baby': Who's got the diary?

On "Love ShAck, Baby," the "Pretty Little Liars" are almost all keeping secrets from one another, mostly regarding their significant others. Alison/AThe silver diary is the hot topic this week, with the Liars doggedly trying to figure out who each of the stories inside are about. One poem about a bumblebee leads them to make a trip to The Busy Bee, a bed and breakfast where they think Ali might have been hiding out.However, on the way to the B&B, the Liars' car breaks down and they take shelter in Ezra's cabin while they wait for Cowboy Travis to come get them with his tow truck. Once at the cabin, someone ("A"?) breaks in and takes the silver diary while Hanna and Emily are outside and Aria and Spencer are in the linen closet. Aria and Emily later get an "A" message, thanking them for helping him/her find Alison. They've been decoding the journal and...



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