'NCIS' Recap: McGee's Guilty Conscience

Last time on NCIS, the team worked with the DOD on a drone attack masterminded by the terrorist Benham Parsa. Parsa's attack was in retaliation for a drone attack on some of his training camps. This investigation also reunited Gibbs with his ex-girlfriend, Hollis Mann. Gibbs has amassed quite a few exes, hasn't he?

We also saw McGee try to avoid attending a black-tie gala where his girlfriend, Delilah Fielding, was being honored. He finally decided to attend, but once there he received a call from Tony. Unable to hear his colleague, McGee told Delilah that he would be right back, and he stepped outside just as the drone, loaded with explosives, flew into the building. Delilah was injured by shrapnel. Will she survive, and will McGee forgive himself for pushing her away?



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