Sleepy Hollow 1.11 Review: “Vessel”

Ichabod and Abbie take down the demon Ancitif, banishing it from Macey’s (Captain Irving’s daughter) body with a prison of salt and a magic lantern. Abbie and Jenny have a moment, and Ichabod can do nothing except plop down to have a seat and catch his breath. Fending off the apocalypse is hard work.

With just one more week of Sleepy Hollow left (next week will be a double-episode season finale), it’s amazing that the concept has held this well. It draws from several different sources of inspiration to create a supernatural procedural that is among the more unexpectedly entertaining shows on television. “Vessel” is probably the most creepy episode of Sleepy Hollow because of how good the make-up team is with visually creating Ancitif as he passes from host to host. That Sleepy Hollow can veer from action-adventure to horror to a more plain kind of drama shows that it has found a pair of characters that can keep the show grounded.


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