New Girl 3.12 “Basketball” Review: Piston Pals

Last night’s episode of New Girl addressed the “Coach issue” that a lot of people having been (although myself not included in that) by tackling his friendship, or lack of one, with Jess head on. While Coach has been brought back into the fold on New Girl quite seamlessly, it has mainly been with the guys. Nick, Schmidt, and Winston already have a history and chemistry with Coach because of their years of friendship together. Jess, however, is simply Coach’s “buddy’s girlfriend,” and she wants more than that with him.

So how does Jess plan on becoming fast friends with Coach? Well, by faking her love for his favorite basketball team, the Detroit Pistons, the arch rival of Nick’s Chicago Bulls,0, thus establishing the episode’s hilarious conflict: the standoff between Nick and Jess.



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