The Originals 1.10 “The Casket Girls” Review

Assuming you tuned in to the CW last night, you already know how intense this episode of The Originals was!  I don’t think anyone doubts that Davina is truly all-powerful after seeing her forcing Klaus to turn into his werewolf self and making Elijah choke on his own blood, but it seems we will also have another witch to worry about soon.

A running theme of the episode seemed to be that girls have to stick together, and they all did just that.  Starting with a flashback to centuries earlier, we learned of the real legend of the Casket Girls.  Innocent French girls were being sent to the French Quarter in New Orleans to marry gentlemen who, as Rebekah puts it when she saves them, are “not so gentle”.  Now, there is a festival held each year to commemorate the courage of the women who were believed to have fought for themselves.  I liked when Rebekah made a comment that the day might as well just be celebrating her, since she apparently was responsible for saving the girls.

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